Data Recovery

Many repair situations can put your data at risk.

You should use a data-recovery specialist when:

  • Your computer will not start - Whether the computer won't power on, or will power on, but won't boot to the desktop, we will first secure your data, then attempt repair. Even if the computer is not repairable, we will have your data*
  • You are migrating from an old computer to a new computer - transferring all your files and programs can be a daunting task, and isn't always possible without special software. We can setup your new computer and transfer your files, programs and settings, so your new computer is ready to go.
  • You are upgrading computer storage - Upgrade from a hard drive to a solid state drive for improved speed and performance, or install a larger hard drive or solid-state drive for increased storage.
  • You are recovering data from damaged or inaccessible media - Unreadable hard drives, external drives, usb drives, CD\DVD disks, old floppy, Zip and Jaz Drives....we can help you recover files from any media.*

PCRescue can also clear data from old drives or computers.

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*Not all drives can be recovered. 90% of the drives we receive can be recovered here. Some drives need more specialized recovery, including replacing components of the drive, before recovery can even be attempted. If your drive falls in this category, you will need the services of one of the larger drive recovery labs.  We work with several labs and can recommend the best lab for your particular case.