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Get complete piece of mind about your digital life. In addition to having a support desk to reach out to for any issue with your computer, a support subscription includes:

Remote Support - If needed, you can initiate a remote support session to help you fix your issue.

Backup - Automated, secure backup of your photos, documents, music and video. More info

Security - Your security protection will be monitored and optimized to prevent and remove the latest threats.

Maintenance - Your computer will be monitored for critical hardware issues, and we will alert you to any foreseeable problem. 

We can order replacement parts and make the repairs here. We even provide pickup and delivery.* 

Residential Subscription - 1 Computer (PC or Mac), 1TB Backup Storage, 2hrs Remote Support

$240 yearly (or 2 Payments of $125)

Household Subscription - up to 3 Computers (PC or Mac), 2TB Backup Storage, 3hrs Remote Support

$360 yearly (or 3 payments of $125)

Premium Family Subscription - up to 5 Computers (PC or Mac), Unlimited Backup Storage,  5hrs Remote Support,

Plus Tablet and Mobile Backup, and 5TB Shared Storage,

    $600 yearly (or 4 payments of $155)

    *(limited area, extra charges may apply)

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