IT Support for Everyone

  • You don't need to be in the office to have professional tech support...
    ....You don't even need to have an office.

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Support Plans

All Plans include:

  • Secure Cloud Backup

IT Support Plans add:

  • Access to our support portal
  • Access to our support library
  • Remote agent support
  • Hard Drive Health Monitor
  • Security Monitor

Also Available:

Stand-Alone Cloud Backup

Small Business IT planning

Residential Support

Troubleshooting taking up your time? Is it the printer or the network that's the problem? The modem or the router causing issue? What is this "Microsoft Warning". How can I tell if I have a virus?

What if you had your own IT department to call? 

Home Office \Remote Worker Support

You need to be working, not managing your computer.

What if you had your own IT department to worry about this stuff?

Data Backup \ Data Recovery

The value in any computer is the in data. Don't let just anyone handle it.

PCRescue can:

  • Upgrade the storage on your computer, or convert your traditional hard drive to a solid state drive
  • Securely Backup your Data
  • Transfer data and programs from your old computer to a new one
  • Recover data from a computer that no longer works, a hard drive you can no longer access, or old media (floppy drives, cd-roms, camera cards) that you no longer have any way to access
  • Clean data off old drives\computers